Typical PreReqs

The information provided below is intended to assist the ambitious Scout in preparing for the Merit Badges (MBs) offered at the Merit Badge Super Saturday (MBSS).  This list is not intended to be comprehensive list of all pre-requisites for all MBs - different counselors will cover MBs differently.  This listing is intended to be a listing of pre-requisites we generally see from counselors for a given MB.

This information is not intended to supersede prerequisite information posted in the event materials for the current MBSS event.  If there are no prerequisites listed in the current MBSS event materials, but there are prerequisites listed here; we recommend working from this listing to ensure best effort at completing the MB at the event.

Merit Badge General Prerequisite Information/Notes
American Business
Covered in class: 1, 2, 3a, 4
Need to bring proof: 3b, 5, 6

American Cultures
Prereq - 1

American Heritage
Prereq - 2a, 3c, and 4c

American Labor
Prereq - 2, 3, 5, and 9
Animal Science


Everything needed to earn Animation Merit Badge will be covered in the class EXCEPT for the two required animations.  There will be no class time dedicated to creating animations, and last minute flip-books will not be accepted.

 To earn the merit badge in one day scouts have to bring their animations to class on a: computer, tablet, phone, flip-book, DVD, flash drive etc. OR send them in ahead of time to kit@squishyanimation.com.

 Animations MUST demonstrate some effort and basic quality. Each animation should look like at least 90 minutes was spent creating it.

Stop animations: MUST be shot from a tripod: no hand held stop-animations will be accepted. Must be in focus.

Flip books: a ball bouncing around and a guy walking across the page WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Be more creative than that.

I am available for questions and help most days, before and after the Merit Badge event. Take advantage of that.



Bring or show proof of requirements 4,5,6,7


Automotive Maintenance
Requirements 2I (registration fee), 11, and 12

Covered in class: 1 – 8
Need to bring proof: 9, 10, 11


Bird Study

To complete the merit badge on the day of the clinic, you will need to bring:
1) a signed note from your scoutmaster for requirement 6.
2) the call composed (either in written form or played) for requirement 2b.
3) a standard Bb trumpet/ cornet or bugle.
4) come prepared to play the G above the staff relatively comfortably.
To earn the Camping MB at the event Scouts should complete the following requirements in advance: 3, 4b, 5a, 5e*, 7*, 8c, 8d, 8e, 9a, 9b, & 9c*
* A note from your Scoutmaster that you have completed this requirement will suffice


Scouts need to know the allowed moves for each chess piece and have played at least one game.
Citizenship in the Community
Scouts need to read the merit badge book.  3-5 and 7-8.  For requirement 2, the Scout should come prepared with a map to discuss the locations in their community.
Citizenship in the Nation
Prereq - 2, 3, 6, and 8
Scouts need to read the merit badge book.
Scouts can get a free pocket sized copy of the Constitution by following the instructions given on one of the following sites:
Citizenship in the World
Prereq - 7.
Scouts need to read the merit badge book.


Coin Collecting

Prerequisites: 1, 5, & 8
Counselors normally cover requirements 1,6, & 8 as well as discuss what's required for the remainder of the Merit Badge.
Composite Materials


Prereq - 4, 5, & 6

Crime Prevention
Prereqs - 2 & 4 - 7

Notes and Prerequisites:
  • Scouts need to bring their bike, helmet, an old toothbrush, and an old t-shirt
  • Know first aid for the following:
    • Hypothermia
    • Heat reactions
    • Frostbite
    • Dehydration
    • Insect stings
    • Tick bites
    • Snakebites
    • Blisters
    • Hyperventilation
  • Basic riding experience (balance, comfortable riding)
  • Have a multi-gear bicycle (10+speeds) you plan to take on rides
  • Know Ohio’s bicycle laws: https://goo.gl/ln0f9a

Digital Technology

Disabilities Awareness
The Counselor generally covers requirements 1, 6, & 7, part of requirements 3 & 4, and start on requirement 5.

Dog Care
Requirements 1c, 4, 5, & 8-10 need to be completed before or after the clinic. Normally Scouts can have their Dogs brought towards the end of the clinic so they can demonstrate requirement #5; videos of dog demonstrating requirement #5 can also be brought.
NOTE: Scouts are encouraged to bring a laptop with a CAD software program on it to the clinic -
if they are able to do so.
The Counselor will generally cover requirements 1 a-e, 4,5;6,7,10, and 11 a & e
Scouts need to come prepared to have a meaningful discussion in order to meet the requirements of this Merit Badge. Additionally, this clinic includes the building of an electronic device. Scouts should purchase their kits in advance of the clinic. A simple/inexpensive kit should meet the needs of the Merit Badge Requirements. A couple recommended locations for obtaining kits are:
Emergency Preparedness
  • Scouts MUST come with proof of having completed the First Aid MB. The completed Blue Card, or a SIGNED STATEMENT from YOUR SCOUTMASTER (phone number included)are the only documents accepted.
  • The following requirements MUST BE COMPLETED and TURNED IN to counselor for review. Items 2b&c, 8b (PERSONAL SERVICE PACK AND FAMILY EMERGENCY KIT MUST BE PHYSICALLY BROUGHT TO THE CLINIC). This clinic is being conducted as a practice drill to fulfill requirement #7. For the 72 hour kits - Scouts do not need to lug in all of the water required. A note with the kit indicating the correct amount of water needed will suffice.
  • Choose one of the following to complete and bring completed work to the clinic - 9a, 9b, or 9c.

Requirements 1,4, & 5 should be done before or after the clinic.
Scout must be prepared as follows to receive a completed blue card on Super Saturday.
  • Complete and have all written documentation to present to the counselor for activities 2, 3 and 5.
  • Have prepared written notes and actively participate in group discussions related to activities 7,8 and 9.
  • Be ready to actively participate in activities 1,4, 6a and 6e which we will do in class.  No materials necessary.  I will have items we can disassemble.

Covered in class: 1, 2, 3, 4
Need to bring proof: 5, 6

Environmental Science

Family Life
Requirements 3,4, & 5 should be done before or after the event.
Farm Mechanics
All requirements except #5 will be covered.

Please note: This is generally a 'hands on' clinic.  Scouts should come dressed in clothes they will be ok with covering in grease, oil, and dirt.


Fire Safety

First Aid
Counselors will try to cover all requirements.  Please note - Scouts will have to bring a First Aid kit to meet requirement 2d.
Fish and Wildlife Management




Game Design
Prerequisites and Notes:
REQUIREMENTS 1, 2, 3, 4, and 8 will be covered in class. No preparation needed.
Game Design Notebook  - Contains work for requirements 5, 6, and 7. Use something where the pages cannot fall out such as a legal pad or spiral notebook.
5 - Submit game idea by email and receive approval. Once you have approval, design the game writing everything in the notebook.
6 - Play your game with family, friends, and anyone else you wish. The more times you play the better. A minimum of 3 plays should be documented in the notebook.
7 - We will split up into groups and play each other's games. Once the blind test is done, we will provide feedback and then discuss what was learned. All of this must be recorded in your notebook.
  • Do not require more than 10 players.
  • Do not over complicate. We have to learn how to play it in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Games that run long will be stopped early to fit time constraints.
  • Age range is 11 to 17 so physical games should remember to be safe and fair.
  • When in doubt, ask. Email me questions so you know.
Prerequisites: 3a-c, 6, & 7

Requirements generally covered: 1, 2a, 4a & c#, 5e, 6*, 7*, & 8
*Coming with the information to complete the Family Tree and Family Group Sheets will help ensure this requirement is completed.
# 4b - Read the Genealogy Merit Badge pamphlet to know what types of documents will meet this requirement


Counselors will generally cover requirements 1-6.
Please note: This Merit Badge requires Scouts to play 18 holes of golf; this requirement will have to be done outside of the clinic.

Graphic Arts

Covered in class: 1, 2, 3
Need to bring proof: 4, 5, and if both 4 & 5 are complete then 6.

Home Repairs
NOTE: Please come prepared to get your hands and clothes dirty


Indian Lore
Please come prepared for the following:
Requirement 1 - research history of tribe, group or nation from the Ohio area
Requirement 2 - make item/s or visit museum and be prepared to discuss in group
Insect Study

PreRequisites & Notes:
  • Complete 2,8,6a and 3c and be prepared to present to counselor.
  • Be prepared to ACTIVELY participate in discussions on 1 through 5 and 9. Those who do not add to the conversation will not receive credit for that requirement.
  • We will complete 6b and 6c in class.
  • At the end of the day you will need to complete requirement 7 for later presentation.



Landscape Architecture

Prereqs - 4, 6, & 7



Mammal Study

Prerequisites: 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b, 7a, & 10


Mining In Society

Model Design and Building


Movie Making
  • Bring a device (iPhone or other hand held video device) to record a short film during class. Any extra movie making equipment is welcome (Tripods are a specific call out need). 
  • Read the merit badge pamphlet!!!

Prerequisites: 1, 3, & 4

Nuclear Science
Prerequisites: Counselor plans to cover requirements 1abc, 2a, 3b, 4b, 5a, 6c, and 7 in the clinic.  Scouts will need complete requirements 2b, one of 4a, 4c, or 4d, and 8 either before or after the clinic.



Personal Fitness
Clinics generally cover requirements 1-5 & 9.  Please bring a copy of your latest BSA Physical to show completion of requirement 1a.

Personal Management
Requirements 3, 4, 6, & 7 are normally covered.  Other requirements will be discussed as time permits.

* Write in 200 words or more about the care, feeding, and housing of your pet. Tell some interesting facts about it. Tell why you have this kind of pet. Give local laws, if any, relating to the pet you keep. Bring your paper to the clinic.

* Read a book or pamphlet about your kind of pet. Be prepared to discuss it in this clinic.

* Bring a picture of your pet

Prework: 1b, 4 - 7


Plant Science




Public Health

Public Speaking
Counselor's Notes:  This clinic revolves around each of you presenting and participating as the audience for your fellow scouts.  You must have all notes, props, slides, etc. for the speeches in requirements 1,2 and 4 ready to go before the date of the clinic so that you will be ready to present.  I strongly suggest practicing to make sure you can present within the appropriate time windows.  Presentations that fall significantly short on time or that do not include the required elements cannot be accepted.

The topics for the impromptu speech will be given to you just before you give the speech at the clinic.  Hint, the topics tend to center on scout skills of which I feel you should have some knowledge based on your rank and time in scouting.

Requirement 5 will be a combination of Q&A and sample activities based on the table of actions included in the Merit Badge book.  We will also talk about some of the variations in parliamentary procedure and where these are used.
Pulp and Paper
Pre-clinic work:
6 – Make a list of 15 pulp or paper products found in your home. Share examples of 10 such products with your counselor. (PLEASE BRING 5 SMALL SAMPLES WITH YOU TO CLINIC)
7e – Find out how paper products are developed. Find out what role research and development play in the papermaking industry. Share what you learn with your counselor.
8 – Find out about three career opportunities in the papermaking industry that interest you. Pick one and find out the education, training, and experience required for this profession. Discuss this with your counselor, and explain why this profession might interest you.



Reptile and Amphibian Study
All requirements except #8 will be covered.  Scouts who have completed requirement 8 are welcome to bring necessary records to show completion.
Rifle Shooting

The Counselor plans to cover all requirements. Scouts should come prepared to participate in meaningful discussion of the requirements. Reading the Merit Badge pamphlet before the clinic is recommended.


Scouts need to read the merit badge book.  Generally the clinic will include discussion on how to do requirement 2, and will cover requirements 3a,c,d, 7, and 8.  For requirement 8, Scouts should bring along information on 3 careers in safety and have looked at one in detail that they might like to do.  Approved checklist (Scouts may add if they wish) is on pages 9 and 10 of the Merit Badge workbook.



Scouting Heritage
Pre-Reqs: 5 & 6
SCUBA Diving

Prerequisites -
2) Have your projects finished with you or pictures.
3) Please bring an electronic device to look stuff up in the clinic.

Search & Rescue

Shotgun Shooting

Signs, Signals, and Codes
The Counselor is planning to cover all requirements except for requirement #7.


Small-Boat Sailing

Snow Sports

Soil and Water Conservation

Space Exploration


Stamp Collecting
3) bring one example of each item
7) Have pictures, videos, etc. Of items, places, etc.
8) Bring a small portion of the stamp collection from one of 8A-E.




The Counselor generally covers all requirements except for 1, 2d, & 6.


Traffic Safety

Truck Transportation

Veterinary Medicine
 Prereqs: Read the book and complete requirement #6 (a or b).

Water Sports

Scouts need to read the MB Pamphlet. Requirements 6, 9, 10, 11 need to be completed before the clinic.


Wilderness Survival

Wood Carving