Room/Clinic Information

Information for 08 Feb 2020 Event

Room9:00 - 10:2010:35 - 12:001:00 - 2:252:35 - 4:00Counselor
119 Animal Sci Animal Sci Fingerprinting G Coulter
206 Insect Study Insect Study Fish and Wild Mammal Study J Shiflet
210 Camping Camping Energy Amer Bus Entre P Frenken
217 Cooking Cooking Cooking Cooking L Stalnaker
218 Disabilities Aw Textile Disabilities Aw S Teal
311 Art Art E Hamrick
311 Traffic Safety Traffic Safety J Curran
314 Law Law A Slane
314 Athletics Athletics C Moore
Alumni Drafting Drafting G Jeffers
Alumni Pers Fitness Pers Fitness T Hatch
Koinonia A Pulp and Paper Pulp and Paper Pers Fitness Pers Fitness E Kirke
Koinonia B Plumbing Plumbing Plumbing E Mars
Le Sage Exploration Exploration Genealogy Genealogy L Snodgrass
Schenk Chapel Pers Fitness Pers Fitness T Thurston
Schenk Chapel Railroading Railroading W Davey
TN 124 Archaeology Archaeology Archaeology W Davey II